Welcome to ABB Healthcare Services

ABB Healthcare Services is a Dallas Home Health Care, Personal Care Services & Medical Supply provider that’s licensed & certified by Medicare & Medicaid for Adults & Pediatrics. Our company specialize in Home Health, Personal Care Services, Consumer-Directed Services & Star Kids Children Program within the Dallas-Fort Worth area. We are a Dallas Medical Supply based company, that also specialize in Medical Scrubs uniform in Dallas.

ABB Healthcare Services integrates a personal approach to Home Health Care in Dallas-Fort Worth area for individuals with complex illness and disabilities. We provide Home Health services to Adults with Medicare and Pediatrics with Medicaid in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, Medicaid Primary Home Care within Dallas-Fort Worth, Medicaid Star Kids children program in Dallas-Fort Worth area, Consumer Directed Services to clients in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and Medical Supply to Medicare and Medicaid patients within the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Our team is committed to well-being and deeply cares for our patients and customers. We treat each of our healthcare patients with the dignity and respect they deserve, while respecting their privacy and independence through a safe environment. We also integrate this approach to our customers – ensuring 100% transparency in our communication and dedication to providing exceptional customer service.

We are dedicated to providing quality-driven, superior and personalized healthcare solutions to our patients and customers.

ABB Healthcare Services provides the following services:

Medicare (Texas Only)

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Physical/Occupational/Speech Therapy
  • Medical Social Workers Services
  • Home Health Aides
  • Medical Supplies

Medicaid (Texas Only)

  • Skilled Nursing
  • Primary Home Care (PHC/PAS/CAS)
  • Star Kids (Pediatrics)
  • Consumer Directed Services
  • Medical Supply

Retail Products:

  • Medical Scrubs Uniform
  • Medical Supplies
  • Durable Medical Equipment
Adult Home Health

Skilled Nurses

We provide home health nursing with direct care, manage, observe, and evaluate a patient’s disease process, with directions from your physician, and we provide ongoing Education and Support…
Medical Supply

dallas home health care

Durable Medical Equipment & Supplies
We provide services to residents in the state of Texas with medicare or medicaid insurance, and we also sell online nationwide to clients paying out of pocket. …


Scrubs with antimicrobial Certainty fabric that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria.Shop for scrubs that stretch and move from collections.Protect yourself and the world around you without sacrificing comfort..
Pediatrics Home Health

medicare home health

Pediatrics Home Health
We provide services to medicaid clients that are residents in the state of Texas. Our services include nursing and respite (attendant) services for children who are medically dependent from age 1 to 21 years old, in their home…
Primary Home Care

Primary Home Care

Primary Home Care
We provide respite (attendant) services to adults that have medicaid insurance and are residents in the state of Texas, whose health problems cause them to be functionally limited in performing activities of daily living, according to a statement of medical need.
PT/OT/ST Therapy

home health services of dallas

We provide physical, occupational, and speech therapy to home health patients, to help restore their abilities to do activities of daily living. If you are bed-ridden or have a long-lasting illness or disability…